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Viktoriia Bril (née Krun) was born in Ukraine in 1990. When she was a baby her parents divined her manner of crying as very distinctive. And later the suppositions became true. She could really sing. Her childish try-outs were characterized not only by expressing happiness and joy in life but also by the ability to convey life’s serious affairs. That was the beginning of Viktoria’s singing path.

At the age of 11 she began working with a private teacher. From that time until she went to university, Viktoria had been performing regularly and taking part in different contests. This also included festivals abroad  (Poland, Serbia). At the age of 16 she won first prize at one of the important international contests for young singers, “Moloda Halychyna” (Ukraine). 

During her university studies (English and Dutch Philology) and whilst working at the Netherlands embassy in Kyiv she took a break from performances for a while but continued training, working with pop and jazz songs.

Beside her singing activities she finished music school on piano, sang in the music school choir, church choir and in different church bands.

Another passion of hers was, and still is, dancing. From a very young age she has been busy with this art, varying in style from classic dance to flamenco, contemporary and latin dance. She also gave Zumba training in Germany where she currently lives.     

In 2014 Viktoria worked with a German trio “Jazz Romances” in cooperation with the record label “Vitone” founded by her husband Jan Bril, the acoustic designer who has been a consultant to most important halls in the Netherlands and Europe (for more information www.janbril.nl). Her great achievement of the year 2015 was that she entered the ArtEZ Conservatorium in the department of Jazz/Pop (Vocals), getting the highest results in music theory and a very positive feedback in a practical part.

Together with her singing activities Viktoria was also involved in developing Dutch-Ukrainian business relations.

In 2016 she gave birth to a daughter who inspired her to write a song “A New Beginning” (https://soundcloud.com/viktoriia-bril-1/viktoria-a-new-beginning). With this track she took part in a Eurovision casting in Kiev (Ukraine).

The drive and undertone of her career is personal development where internal posture  is of the same importance as external, together making a harmonious individual. So, her deep spiritual concerns together with her interest in psychology, culture, history, geography, style and languages (English, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian) constitutes Viktoria as a person and a singer.

The things that make her performance unique are her authentic voice and an intriguing presence that invites the audience to be soundless and listen…